Malibu Canyon Road Open in Both Directions for All Vehicle Traffic

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Malibu Canyon Road is now open in both directions for all vehicle traffic. Drivers, however, should be mindful of falling debris in the canyon, including loose dirt and rocks. Due to fire suppression activities in the area, rocks may have become dislodged from water drops, and topsoil in certain areas may be unstable.

At this time, the Emergency Operations Committee is deactivating, and the University is beginning to return to normal operations. However, members of the committee remain available for questions or concerns.

Malibu Campus Access Available

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has announced a repopulation of areas in the City of Malibu including a full opening of the Civic Center area west of Serra Road effective 2 PM today. Pacific Coast Highway is now open without roadblocks to Corral Canyon Road. All other road closures, including Malibu Canyon Road, and evacuated areas are still in effect.

Campus homeowners and community members are now welcome to return to campus as needed. The Malibu campus will remain closed for business through November 26 as previously announced, and those returning to campus should be advised that normal operational services, including housekeeping, trash collection, dining, shuttles, and campus recreation, will be limited through the Thanksgiving holiday period. Community members should also expect limited access to wifi connectivity and internet access following damage to cable lines into campus. Faculty and staff residences served by Spectrum still have no internet connectivity.

As the University continues to work through the impacts of the Woolsey Fire, Malibu and Calabasas faculty and staff are encouraged to work remotely until Monday, November 26 due to campus building cleaning and reduced operational services. All employees will continue to be compensated through November 26 if they are unable to work remotely but should address work expectations with their supervisors.

The University has begun an effort to clean areas of campus affected by the Woolsey Fire. Remediation and cleaning crews will begin arriving on campus tomorrow and will be cleaning through the week to prepare for our community’s return.

The Woolsey Fire is now 69 percent percent contained and has burned more than 98,000 acres and destroyed more than 615 structures. The University is not currently under a Red Flag Warning, but wind gusts from 20 MPH and higher minimum relative humidity are expected throughout the day today.

The Pepperdine community is reminded to stay vigilant on current fire conditions and to continue to adhere to new or existing road closures and evacuation warnings.

Malibu and Calabasas Campus Access Update

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Access to Malibu Campus
Law enforcement continues to restrict access to the Malibu campus, allowing through emergency support personnel. However, the EOC is working to confirm with law enforcement that Malibu campus homeowners can return to campus if they can show proof of address on the campus. Some campus homeowners have successfully made it through the roadblocks to campus, while others have been turned away. Because roadblocks are manned by many law enforcement jurisdictions, experience is inconsistent. We are working to get this resolved.

If campus community members urgently need something important retrieved from campus during the road restrictions, please call the Department of Public Safety to explain the situation. We have been able to deliver a number of items (medication, passports) to campus community members in Santa Monica and the Conejo Valley. Our ability is limited, but contact us if you have this need.

Once the roads are open to campus, the campus community is welcome to return. However, we encourage employees to work remotely because we are cleaning campus buildings and there are no normal operational services, such as trash collection. Internet lines to campus were damaged such that there is limited bandwidth on the main campus, and faculty/staff condos served by Spectrum have no internet connectivity.

Access to Calabasas Campus
The Calabasas campus is accessible and open to the Pepperdine community. While cleanup is ongoing, and normal operational services are not yet up and running, employees are welcome to retrieve items or work at the campus at their discretion. If you do not typically work at the Calabasas campus but would like to do so during this time, please contact the Calabasas campus in advance to reserve a space: 818-702-1000.

Pepperdine Monitoring Wildfires – Update #12

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The Pepperdine Emergency Operations Committee remains active today and is monitoring the continued impact of the Woolsey Fire. The Malibu and Calabasas campuses are closed and will remain closed throughout the Thanksgiving holiday period. Students have now received information via email from their professors about remote administration of courses and should reach out to professors with any questions. Staff should communicate with their supervisors regarding work expectations for today and the rest of this week. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for students and faculty/staff are available at the Woolsey Fire Community Updates website and continue to be expanded with additional information. 

The Woolsey Fire Incident Command Post continues repopulation efforts where it is safe to do so. Currently, parts of the City of Malibu, unincorporated Malibu area neighborhoods, and other neighborhoods in the Conejo Valley region are now open to residents only, but access to some areas within these neighborhoods requires a valid I.D. showing a local address. Visit the Los Angeles County Woolsey Fire website for more information.

As residents in the eastern part of Malibu are being allowed back into the city via Pacific Coast Highway, roadblocks have been moved to Webb Way and will move east to Corral Canyon Road at 2 PM today. Access to areas of Malibu west of the roadblocks remains restricted, and the Malibu campus will still be closed and inaccessible to anyone other than emergency support personnel.

The Woolsey Fire is now 57 percent contained and has burned more than 98,000 acres and destroyed more than 504 structures. The Red Flag Warning issued by the National Weather Service ended yesterday at 5 PM, but wind gusts from 15-20 MPH and very low humidity are expected throughout the day today.

The Pepperdine community is reminded to stay vigilant on current fire conditions and to continue to adhere to new or existing road closures and evacuation warnings.