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Pepperdine Monitoring Two Southern California Wildfires

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Pepperdine University officials are currently monitoring two wildfires near Pepperdine campuses.

  • The Stokes Fire, in Calabasas near the intersection of Malibu Canyon and Mulholland is approximately 30-50 acres.
  • The Topanga Fire, in Malibu near the intersection of Topanga Canyon and PCH is approximately 50 acres.

Los Angeles County Fire is fighting both fires with both ground crews and air support. Additionally an incident command post for the fires will be setup at Pepperdine’s Drescher Campus.

Road Closures at this time include:

  • Topanga Canyon
  • PCH at Sunset Boulevard


Malibu Campus Mountain Lion Sighting

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Public Safety officers saw a mountain lion last night at approximately 10:45 PM near the intersection of President’s and Seaver Drive. The sighting was reported to the local sheriff’s department and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Please remember:

  • Do not hike, bike, or jog alone, especially from dusk until dawn when mountain lions are most active.
  • Remember Public Safety security escorts are available on the Malibu campus 24/7 by calling Public Safety Dispatch at (310) 506-4442.
  • If you see a mountain lion on or near the Malibu campus, please report the incident to the Department of Public Safety at (310) 506-4441.
    • If safe to do so, please take a picture and/or video and send it to Public Safety via the LiveSafe app.

As a reminder, if you encounter a mountain lion:

  • Respect the animal.
  • Maintain eye contact and move away slowly.
  • Do NOT run. Running will trigger the mountain lion’s instinct to chase you.
  • Appear as large, loud, and powerful as possible.
  • If there are small children or pets present, pick them up immediately. Additionally do NOT leave them unattended outside.
  • Do not approach the mountain lion, leave space for the cat to escape.
  • In the unlikely event of an attack, fight back. Do not fall to the ground or roll into the fetal position.


Malibu Campus Classes Cancelled and Campus Closed Due to Power Outage

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The Malibu campus continues to experience intermittent power outages. Southern California Edison (SCE) currently estimates full restoration of power to the Malibu campus sometime after the end of the normal work day. As a result,  University officials have cancelled classes on the Malibu campus only for the remainder of the day.

Critical Support Personnel (CSP) as designated by their Supervisor, should follow departmental established protocols for determining whether to remain on campus or be released for the remainder of the day. All other Malibu campus faculty and staff are released for the remainder of the day pending approval of their supervisors.

Malibu Campus Power Restored to Parts of Campus

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Power has been restored to some parts of the Malibu campus as of 12:40 PM. Continuing SCE outage complications have left parts of the Malibu campus without power.

Pepperdine officials are continuing to monitor the situation, and additional information will be shared with the University community as it becomes available. At this time, all University campuses remain open and classes are in session. For the latest news and information on this outage, please visit Pepperdine’s emergency blog at