Severe Winds

  • Windstorms severe enough to cause damage may occur at infrequent intervals and may be accompanied by torrential rains.
  • At the time of warning of impending severe winds, property and equipment not properly anchored should be moved inside a building or tied down. Close windows.
  • The best protection in severe winds is in permanent buildings. As a result, steps will be taken to ensure the safety of students/personnel within buildings rather than to evacuate.
  • Time permitting, students in temporary structures at Malibu will be moved to a permanent structure. Insofar as is practicable, Public Safety and Emergency Response Team (ERT) members will follow up on warnings by making a room-to-room inspection of all temporary structures.
  • Immediately after the cessation of severe winds, Facilities Management & Planning and Public Safety will inspect the Malibu campus for damage. The building maintenance personnel for other California campuses will do likewise.