Step Up

The Step Up Campaign is a Pepperdine bystander intervention program and university-wide initiative that educates members of the campus community to be proactive in helping each other, including when community members are observed struggling with:

  • Alcohol/Drug Problems
  • Depression/Suicidality
  • Relationship Violence/Sexual Assault
  • Eating Disorders
  • Other mental health concerns
  • Threats/Crime/Bullying/Hazing

When deciding to Step Up, there are certain things that can help or interfere with the choice to intervene. As Pepperdine community members we gain perspective – reflecting on what we would want someone to do if it were us – and remember our values. We do not conform to the perceived authority or allow the diffusion of responsibility.

The Step Up Model:

  1. Notice the event
  2. Interpret it as a problem
  3. Assume personal responsibility
  4. Know how to help
  5. Step Up

How to Step Up:

  1. Share your concerns directly with your friend
  2. Refer your friend to the Counseling Center
    • Stop by TCC 270 or call the Counseling Center at (310) 506-4210
  3. Let someone else know
    • Call the Dean of Students at (310) 506-4472
    • Notify your Resident Advisor
  4. Use the LiveSafe Phone App
    • Download for free from the App Store or Google Play and click “report tips”
  5. If there are safety concerns, let DPS know by calling (310) 506-4441
    • In case of emergencies, call 911