West LA Crime Prevention Notice

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At approximately 10:30pm on Monday, September 15, two people were approached in the Howard Hughes Promenade parking garage by a man posing as a security guard. The man was wearing a light blue security shirt, dark blue security jacket, and a duty utility belt. He told the two individuals that they matched the descriptions of two suspects he was looking for, and he directed them to empty the contents of their pockets and handbag onto the hood of a nearby vehicle. He then asked them to sit on the ground and wait for further instructions. The man then left with their belongings, including their wallets. The suspect has been described as a black male between 20 and 30 years old.

This incident underscores the need for us all to remain vigilant with respect to our personal security and situational awareness. While each situation will be unique and you will have to rely ultimately on your personal judgment, be advised that you are not legally required to surrender your personal belongings to anyone but sworn law enforcement officers.

If you are parked in our campus parking garage and feel unsafe walking to your vehicle at night, the building security team will provide a security escort to your vehicle.

Report any unusual activity to building security, the Department of Public Safety, or, in case of emergency, 911.

If you have questions, or to report suspicious activity, you may contact Public Safety 24/7 at:

Dispatch Emergency line: 310-506-4441
Dispatch Non-Emergency: 310-506-4442
Anonymous Tip Hotline: 310-506-7634

Additionally, West LA Campus Building Security (through Hines Property Management) is available at: 310-665-1800.

This information can also be found on Pepperdine’s emergency information web site at http://emergency.pepperdine.edu.