Malibu Campus Power Outage Continue During Power Outage

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Power is out on Pepperdine’s Malibu Campus. Southern California Edison estimates power will be restored by 10:30 AM this morning. Based on this estimate, Malibu campus operations remain open.

When Pepperdine University experiences power outages from time to time, it is important for University community members to remain calm and take appropriate steps to ensure their safety. Unless otherwise directed, employees are expected to remain at work until their scheduled shift ends. Employees should immediately contact their supervisor(s) and determine a safe area with enough natural light to perform work functions that do not require power.

If supervisors are unable to assign work safely, they are encouraged to contact Human Resources at 310.506.4397 with their concerns. In most cases, the situation is temporary and power will likely be restored within a short period of time and cause minimal disruption to the work day.

If the Malibu campus loses power for a period of time, messages from the Emergency Operations Committee will be posted in four predetermined Malibu campus locations with updates and instructions. These locations are:

  1. TAC main doors near the Flagpole Lot
  2. TCC doors to the Sandbar near the Wells Fargo ATM
  3. CCB main door to Public Safety offices
  4. Drescher campus library main doors

Additional information for all Pepperdine campuses is listed on the University’s Emergency Information Page.