Update for Overnight Accommodations

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Because our shelter-in-place protocols will be in place throughout the night, all individuals on the Malibu campus are instructed to go to Payson Library or Tyler Campus Center, as this will be more comfortable for overnight accommodations. If you are currently located in Tyler Campus Center, you may stay in this location or walk to Payson Library. If you are currently at Firestone Fieldhouse, you may walk to Payson Library, or shuttles will also be provided for transportation. Food and medical services will be available at the Payson Library.

The Woolsey Fire continues to burn in and around the Malibu area, though Pepperdine’s Malibu campus has not, as yet, been directly impacted. Malibu campus resident students, faculty, and staff continue to shelter-in-place and will do so throughout the night. Currently, the fire has shifted in a south-westerly direction toward the coast. The University is continuing to monitor the situation with fire and governmental officials and will provide updates as additional information becomes available.