Payson Library Outdoor Study Spaces and COVID-19 Vaccine Update

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Payson Library Outdoor Study Spaces Now Available

As the University continues to implement allowances for limited on-campus activities currently permitted by Los Angeles County, Pepperdine Libraries is pleased to announce the opening of the outdoor study spaces at Payson Library. Spaces include the Payson Library courtyard and the Starbucks patio (Starbucks remains closed), which are available for both undergraduate and graduate student use and can be booked through the Payson Library reservation system. Hours of operation will be the same as those for Payson Library. Individuals must reserve a seat for outdoor study space and, depending on the location of their seat, check in with staff at either the front door of Payson Library or near the Starbucks entrance before occupying their seat.

Vaccine Update

Ventura County and Orange County have now authorized employees in the education sector to book appointments to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Employees residing in these counties are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to receive the vaccine in their county. The University understands employees may be asked to provide proof of employment in the form of a Pepperdine ID and a current 2021 pay stub at the time of vaccination. If any additional documentation is requested, please contact Human Resources for assistance. 

In addition, the University anticipates Los Angeles County will authorize those working in the Education sector to begin receiving the vaccine next Monday, March 1. Once county officials release specific guidance on vaccine distribution for the education sector, the University will continue to share the latest updates about COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning, including if any additional proof of employment documentation is necessary. 

If you have any questions, including about accessing the state’s vaccine eligibility MyTurn system, contact the COVID-19 Information Line at 310.506.8111 or via email at