COVID-19 Community Update – February 11

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University officials continue to monitor the evolving research, announced rules, and best practices surrounding the pandemic. As part of this effort, the University is announcing the following COVID-19 updates:

Masking Requirements

Recently, with the decline in COVID-19 cases, California Department of Public Health officials announced they would not extend the indoor mask mandate for vaccinated individuals when it expires on February 15, 2022 (though the State still mandates masking for those not vaccinated). As you know, county rules may be more restrictive than state protocols, and that remains the case in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials have noted the County’s mask mandates will remain in place for all individuals regardless of vaccination status, and the County will not consider reducing these restrictions until certain specific thresholds regarding hospitalizations, vaccines, and weekly case rates are met. 

With the County mandates still in place, the University’s current face covering policy will remain in effect until further notice. As a reminder, the policy requires all students, staff, and faculty to wear medical grade masks while indoors. Masks continue to be available for pickup at weekly screening test locations. 

Post Spring Break Testing

As a precautionary measure, Pepperdine strongly encourages students who are traveling for spring break to take their own test before returning to campus. These tests do not need to be documented as entry tests were before the beginning of the term, but are important as one measure to protect against the risk of transmission after travel. At this time, the University does not have an inventory of home test kits to provide, but continues to pursue options to make kits available to the community. 

At University weekly screening testing sites, early testing on your first week back on campus following spring break is strongly encouraged. Please complete your weekly screening test within 48 hours of your arrival back on campus. 

Free Government COVID-19 Antigen Tests

As of January 19, every residential address in the US is eligible to order four, free, at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests from, and we encourage all community members to order your tests. Residential students should be sure to include their mailbox number in the address line. 

Remember, antigen tests are also available at pharmacies, large retailers, some county testing sites, medical providers, etc., and costs for these tests can be reimbursed through your health insurance if needed.

COVID-19 Boosters

Boosters are shown to protect individuals against severe illness from COVID-19. In support of the community, the University continues to offer vaccine and booster clinics. The next two clinics will take place on Tuesday, February 22 and Friday, March 11. 

Reserve your appointment for either vaccination clinic using these links:

Remember, if you are fully vaccinated and have received your booster, if eligible, you will not be required to quarantine if identified as a close contact with someone who tested positive. Students should document receipt of their booster dose in the Student Health Center Patient Portal.

Utilizing the START and EXIT Forms

Students, faculty, and staff members, please use the START Form to report  (1) a positive COVID-19  result from tests not taken at the on-campus weekly testing sites or the Student Health Center, or (2) an exposure to a positive case not in the Pepperdine community. The START Form is available on the COVID-19 Planning and Preparedness website.

Additionally, students, faculty, and staff members should utilize the EXIT Form to document completion of isolation or quarantine, whether testing out early or completing the full 10-day period. This confirms a student is cleared to return to in-person classes or an employee is cleared to return to work. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation and partnership. If you have any questions, please contact the University’s COVID-19 information line at 310.506.8111 or