Subject: Malibu Campus Coyote Awareness

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Following several coyote sightings on the Malibu campus during the spring 2023 term, Pepperdine would like to educate the University community regarding what to do when coyotes are seen on campus to ensure all are informed of, but not alarmed by, the wildlife with whom we share the Santa Monica Mountains.  

As a reminder, if you encounter a coyote:

  • Respect the animal.
  • Do not feed wildlife. 
  • Do not approach the animal; leave space for the animal to escape.
  • Maintain eye contact and move away slowly.
  • Do not run. Running could trigger the animal’s instinct to chase you.
  • Appear as large, loud, and powerful as possible.
  • Shine a bright light at the animal, especially at night. 
  • If there are small children or pets present, pick them up immediately. Additionally, do not leave them unattended outside.
  • Throw rocks, sticks, or anything else you can find toward the animal if it approaches you.

The University encourages you to remain aware of the environment and your surroundings when hiking, biking, or jogging alone especially from dusk until dawn when coyotes are most active. Public Safety security escorts are available on the Malibu campus 24/7 by calling Public Safety Dispatch at 310.506.4442. If you see a coyote on or near the Malibu campus, please report the incident to Public Safety at 310.506.4441. If safe to do so, please take a picture and/or video and send it to Public Safety via the LiveSafe app.